GGF Calorie Estimator

Below you'll find the free GGF calorie estimator, which can be used to estimate your daily caloric needs for your current fitness goal. This is a good place to start if you intend to track your own calories, but please bear in mind that the estimator can only provide a rough approximation of your requirements!

Nutrition Plans and Training Plans

If counting your calories and tracking your food sound like they belong in the "too hard" basket, then it just so happens that I'm a nutrition and training plan specialist. The goal of my plans are to make reaching your goal as easy as possible!
I can provide you with the blueprints to follow - I'll do all the calculations and/or programming for you. You also get monthly updates, email support from yours truly, entry into prize draws, access to the GGF app full of features - and you can cancel any time!
To check out all of the features and details, please click here:
Nutrition and Training Plans
GGF App Preview